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Teacher dress code 'oppressive and intrusive' -
16 Mar 2018
"The following items are deemed disruptive to the classroom environment or to the maintenance of a safe and orderly school and are not acceptable."...An Assistant General Secretary of primary teachers' union the INTO has told RTÉ News that he personally does not know of any primary school that has a written dress code for teachers. Asked about these dress codes, Peter Mullan says many schools would have an unwritten policy, based around attire regarded as ‘professional’, but he says teacher clothing has to be practical and comfortable...

Irish Parents' Council chief says schools should open on Saturday to make up for missed days after Storm Emma - Irish Mirror
9 Mar 2018
...Parents' Council chief Sean O’Riordan, said he thought the measure would be of benefit to students who are sitting State exams this year...Meanwhile, INTO Assistant General Secretary Peter Mullan has responded by saying it wouldn't be fair due to the short notice of the changes...

Workers and pay - Irish Times
8 Mar 2018
Sir, – Pay inequality has created deep resentment in Irish schools for the last seven years. It is little wonder there is a teacher shortage as thousands of teachers seek the fairly paid employment abroad they cannot find here, leaving more and more pupils without qualified teachers...John Boyle, President, INTO.

Teachers 'not going away' in pay equality fight - Irish Independent
8 Mar 2018
The protest was co-ordinated by the three teacher unions - INTO, ASTI and TUI. INTO president John Boyle said the forthcoming report must be a clear roadmap back to pay equality...

Unequal pay for teachers leading to ‘brain drain’ from the profession - Irish Times
7 Mar 2018
Teachers’ unions warn children’s education risks being undermined due to pay gap...However, INTO president John Boyle said the reality was that many young teachers were struggling on low hours and earning a fraction of the starting salaries quoted by the department. Struggling...While many young teachers were struggling to make ends meet, those who emigrated were being offered full salaries and permanent jobs. “This damaging and utterly unfair imposition of unequal pay must be ended,” Mr Boyle said...

Teachers protest outside Dáil for pay equality - Irish Independent
7 Mar 2018
...INTO president John Boyle said the incoming report must be a clear first step on the road back to pay equality. He said there was no such thing as 75pc equality and young teachers were now having difficulty in getting mortgages....

Call for schools to open on Saturdays to make up for 'snow days' -
7 Mar 2018
...It’s been suggested that it would be unreasonable of schools to make up the days during the Easter holidays, as many parents will already have holidays booked. Assistant General Secretary of teaching union the INTO Peter Mullan told the Irish Independent yesterday that such a move would be “very unfair”...

Easter holidays for Irish schools may be cut short after missed days during Storm - Irish Mirror
7 Mar 2018
Schools' Easter holidays may be cut short but the teacher's union say that would be 'very unfair'...Meanwhile, INTO Assistant General Secretary Peter Mullan has responded by saying it wouldn't be fair due to the short notice of the changes. He told the Irish Independent: "If we had a December snow of that level, and a later Easter, you would have months to plan this but with two-and-a-half or three weeks now to Easter it would be very unfair to make sudden changes."...

'Very unfair' to shorten Easter holidays to make up for days lost - teachers' union - Irish Independent
6 Mar 2018
...Speaking to, the INTO's Assistant General Secretary Peter Mullan said that at such a short proximity it would be "very unfair to make sudden changes"...However Mr Mullan said that there were "a number of levers" that could be pressed by schools and teachers to recover the time lost...Mr Mullan said that due to the way incidents happened this year he didn't feel schools should have to make up the time. He said: "If we had a December snow of that level, and a later Easter, you would have months to plan this but with two-and-a-half or three weeks now to Easter it would be very unfair to make sudden changes."

Cutting holidays to make up time unfair, say schools - Irish Times
6 Mar 2018
School managers say any move to cut short Easter holidays in order to make up for lost tuition time due to adverse weather would be “unfair” on parents and teachers...The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation also said there were plenty of options other than cutting short holidays. “I wouldn’t anticipate that primary schools will shorten their Easter holiday because there are so many other levers to press. They can prioritise literacy and numeracy within teaching and learning, for example, or shorten non-tuition activity...there’s real flexibility,” an INTO spokesman said.

Teachers’ Union say it would be ‘very unfair’ to shorten Easter Holidays - Laois Today
6 Mar 2018
The INTO have hit out at any suggestion that the Easter Holiday break would be shortened to make up for days lost from the snow...the INTO’s Assistant General Secretary Peter Mullan said that at such a short proximity it would be “very unfair to make sudden changes”...Mr Mullan said schools could “prioritise tuition over non-tuition activities” or work out arrangements at local level with parents...

Will Easter holidays be shorter for Irish schools after Storm Emma? -
6 Mar 2018
..."The Department’s guidance for schools in relation to making up for time lost due to unforeseen closures is set out in Circular 0009/2017...Both the INTO and the TUI says that there are other options instead of taking days from Easter Holidays....

Weather: Northern Ireland school closures, roads and flights hit as snow Beast meets Storm Emma - Belfast Telegraph
1 Mar 2018
...The annual Northern Ireland conference of the INTO, which was due to take place at the Lough Erne Resort in Fermanagh tomorrow and Saturday, has also been pushed back. The conference is attended by more than 500 teachers every year...

Island schools in need of more cash, staff -Irish Examiner
28 Feb 2018
The future of island schools should be supported with extra staff and funding to attract additional teachers and students, an Oireachtas committee recommends...The committee adopted the call from Education and Training Boards Ireland and the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation for the reinstatement of allowances that were removed from any new entrants to the job from 2012...

Investigation over ‘poaching’ from teachers’ union - Irish Times
26 Feb 2018
...Both unions, along with the INTO, are set to hold a joint demonstration outside the Dáil next week...

INTO President visits Illistrin National School - Donegal Daily
24 Feb 2018
Mr. Boyle, originally from Mullaghduff, met with staff, pupils, and members of the INTO at the Illistrin school...He also attended an educational forum hosted by Donegal ETB in Errigal College which addressed the new Action Plan for Education to the present Minister for Education, Richard Bruton.

State urged to restore equality of pay for teachers - Irish Examiner
21 Feb 2018
...The call from him and INTO assistant general secretary Deirdre O’Connor to address the unequal pay for those who began teaching since 2011 was supported by a number of bodies making submissions to the committee. Ms O’Connor said the main solution at primary level is to restore the idea of employing regional panels of teachers to cover short-term substitution vacancies...

Oireachtas committee hears call for urgent action to address teacher shortage -
20 Feb 2018
School management and teacher representative bodies have told an Oireachtas committee that urgent action is needed to address the teacher shortage in schools...Deirdre O'Connor of the INTO said the union's online 'sub-search' facility showed that today, while schools were looking for teachers to fill 50 temporary posts, there were just 15 teachers available...

Teachers warn of ‘crisis point’ staff shortages - Irish Times
20 Feb 2018
...The INTO said pay equality for new entrant teachers, and a resolution of the housing crisis, will be needed to ensure teaching continues to be an attractive profession.

‘Extra teachers needed for religion alternative’ - Irish Examiner
20 Feb 2018
...The question of teacher shortages will be addressed this afternoon by TDs and senators, when they meet with representatives of schools, teachers, and other education bodies...The Leinster House hearing will also be addressed by the Association of Secondary Teachers’ Ireland, Irish National Teachers’ Organisation and An Comhairle um Oideachas Gaeltachta agus Gaelscolaíochta, which provides teaching resources, and other supports, for Irish-medium schools.

Education Committee to focus on apparent shortage of substitute teachers -
19 Feb 2018
The apparent shortage of substitute teachers throughout the State and issues related to the recruitment and retention of teachers will be on the agenda of the Committee on Education and Skills at its meeting on Tuesday, 20 February 2018...

Latest: Not everyone will be happy with all parts of this plan, says Housing Minister - Irish Examiner
16 Feb 2018
However, teachers' union the INTO is concerned that the investment will not go far enough. INTO General Secretary, Sheila Nunan, said: "The bricks and mortar are one thing, but it is the kind of facilities within that would be critical. "Top of the list is going to be high-speed broadband. If schools are being built it's important that they're built to the spec that can meet the demands of modern technology."...

Explainer: Everything you didn't already know about Project Ireland 2040-
16 Feb 2018
Leaks so far have suggested that the plan might announce 20,000 new school places. However, the INTO has warned that while this is a welcome step, the quality of facilities must be considered too in the current framework...

Special Report: Futuristic €115bn National Framework Plan aims to modernise the country - Irish Examiner
15 Feb 2018
The Government’s ambitious plan to transform the country is great in theory but rural Ireland must not be forgotten, writes Elaine O’Loughlin...The INTO has recently warned it is “unfair and short-sighted” to “push” small schools to amalgamate with each other, openly questioning the Government’s approach to the issue..

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