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Hospital Consultants settle pay claim against State - RTE Nine O Clock News & Six One News
... Vivienne Traynor says at the end of her piece “already today other sectors such as primary school teachers were pointing to this agreement and saying we’re next”... (go to 6mins & 12 secs into programme)...

“Comprehensive training” needed for trans / gender variant children at primary level – TENI  - EILE Magazine
14 Jun 2018
A new study has shed light on the significant challenges faced by parents and educators of trans or gender non-conforming children who require meaningful support at primary school level...The report was funded by the Irish Research Council and launched with the support of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO)...

Qualified teacher of ten years claims she can't get a teaching job in Donegal - Donegal Democrat
13 Jun 2018
The ongoing difficulties that qualified teachers are encountering when seeking employment in Donegal have prompted a new campaign which it is hoped will highlight the issue. Details are now being compiled to find out just how many people have qualified to teach, but who can’t get a job here...A spokesperson for the INTO said the procedures for recruiting and appointing teachers are set out in the Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2015 -2019 and the minimum requirements for employment as a teacher are included...

Joint Committee on Children and Youth Affairs debate - Wednesday, 16 May 2018 -
29 May 2018
Tackling Childhood Obesity: Discussion (Resumed)
Ms. Maeve McCafferty - The INTO thanks the Oireachtas for the opportunity to make an oral submission on tackling childhood obesity. Obesity is considered to have reached epidemic proportions in both adult and child populations in recent decades. According to figures provided by Growing Up in Ireland, 19% of children aged three years are overweight and 6% are obese indicating a strong need for early intervention well before children begin school when obesity levels reach one in every four. Furthermore, four out of five children in the Republic of Ireland do not meet the recommended Government physical activity guidelines of at least 60 minutes per day...

Teachers welcome Dáil vote on online safety - Irish Daily Mail
18 May 2018
Teachers and doctors are among those who have given a warm welcome to the digital age of consent being set at 16... The INTO which represents primary school teachers, also advocated for 16. Yesterday a spokesman said INTO welcomed the decision that came in the House on Wednesday afternoon. She said: 'INTO takes the view that an approach that maximises parental consent and online security is most appropriate. 'I think it's important that parents have an awareness of what their children are doing online and should have a say on that'.

Irish schools banning students from running in yard over accident fears - Irish Independent
17 May 2018
Many schools are concerned about a litigious culture in Irish society... Meanwhile, Maeve McCafferty, an education and research official with the Irish National Teachers Organisation told the committee said recreational spaces are becoming more and more limited. “It’s not a widespread practice, but we have heard anecdotal evidence of the no-running policy in the yard but unfortunately, again, we are operating in a culture of litigation. A board of management are very exposed as a consequence,” she told the committee...

Digital Age of Consent - Irish Daily Mail
15 May 2018
Why age should be higher: sexual abuse, complexity, bullying... INTO, which represents 36,000 primary school teachers has made its stance very clear on the issue, strongly advocating a digital age of consent of 16. In November 2016, the INTO wrote to the head of data protection at the Department of the Taoiseach stating that the digital age of consent should be 16. The union told the Irish Daily Mail yesterday that it formed its view because of the effect social media has on children. "We stated that INTO believed that the national legislation should be set at the upper age limit of 16 years,' the union said. "We noted that schools endeavour to teach pupils to use digital technologies safely...but that teachers have expressed concern regarding the negative impact of digital activity on young people. 'In light of the increasing incidence of cyber-bullying, the INTO took the view that an approach that ensures maximum parental consent and online security was the most appropriate.'

Group denies funding influence - Irish Daily Mail
15 May 2018
The Children's Rights Alliance has been one of the most vocal supporters of the Government's plan to set the digital age of consent at 13... However, not all members agree with the alliance's stance. The INTO and TUI teacher unions - both of which are members - believe the age of digital consent should be set higher than 13.

Call For Pressure To Be Kept On For School Refurbishments In Clare - clarefm
10 May 2018
The Clare-based President of the INTO insists the pressure needs to be kept on to ensure that schools here in need of refurbishment aren’t left on the long finger...

Parents kept in dark over primary teacher shortages, staff say - Irish Times
6 May 2018
Often no choice than to use special needs staff to plug gaps – at expense of most vulnerable pupils... Teachers’ unions understand the difficult position many principals and teachers find themselves in. “Schools are dealing with the current substitute shortage in a variety of ways,” says John Boyle, former president of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation. “These include engaging a qualified teacher where available, engaging a second-level qualified teacher and asking or begging a retired colleague to step in and fill the vacancy...

School ethos 'should not dictate sex education' - Irish Independent
2 May 2018
Teachers and students have called for an end to the days when a school's religious ethos can dictate how it teaches sex education...Teacher union representatives also said the relationship between school ethos and a State curriculum needed to be addressed. Maeve McCafferty of the INTO said ethos could affect the delivery of RSE and that children should have a right to age-appropriate factual information...

Joint Committee on Education and Skills debate -
1 May 2018
Relationships and Sexuality Education: Discussion
Ms. Maeve McCafferty - Overall, the INTO welcomes the recent commitment to review RSE. However, any reconsideration must be within the context of wider primary redevelopments which are under way by the NCCA. There is an escalating workload issue in schools, and any change must be mediated at a reasonable pace and within an agreed time to ensure effective implementation. Curriculum review cannot be the only response to every emerging issue in society...An INTO survey showed there was a favourable response from teachers to the teaching of RSE, although there was some initial trepidation on the part of teachers in taking on the role of teaching children about sensitive and personal matters. However, it was also noted that good in-service increased confidence levels significantly...

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